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About us

Why purchase the Toilid replacement tank lid?

Replacement toilet lids from Toilids are manufactured using techniques similar to those implemented in the cast polyester resin industry. Our manufacturing facility maintains consistently high quality product output through:

  • The use of high grade materials;
  • The application of proprietary production methodology;
  • The rigorous adherence to our quality assurance policies by expert craftsman.

Toilids replacement toilet lids are durable.

Toilid's specialized use of raw material, our crafting of molds, and other manufacturing procedures all contribute to the Toilid's exceptional quality. In comparison to O.E.M. products, Toilids are resilient, resistant to fracture, and if scratched, afford the end user the opportunity to refinish the surface.

Toilids do not duplicate O.E.M. products.

Although our individual models have interior dimension specifications similar to their related O.E.M. products, the overall product specifications are unique to those set forth by our Engineering and Design Department. Our lids are designed to complement the visual effect intended by the original architect and our interior designer.

State of the art manufacturing facility.

Toilid's engineers designed its manufacturing facility to accommodate market demands. Toilid's manufacturing facility is state of the art, efficient, and in compliance with the US EPA regulations. Toilid's commitment to maintain its Corporate Quality & Dependability Assurance Standards and Policies will assure a stable product supply.